Queensland Gouldian Finch Study

In February 2018, conservation scientist Dr. Ray Pierce (www.raypiercepacific.com) and birding & wildlife guide Patrick De Geest (www.eyesonwildlife.com.au) found a significant Gouldian Finch population (100+ birds) in Far North Queensland. Individual birds and small groups had been reported over the last three decades, but a population of this size had not been observed in a long time.

Of course, the find immediately required our attention and there have been many follow-up visits to the site since the population was discovered. The location of this find can’t be made public, but we can confirm that the population is a healthy breeding population.

The Queensland Gouldian Finch Study is led by Dr. Ray Pierce and Patrick De Geest. In 2018 the study was supported by partners North Queensland Natural History Group (NQNHG), Birdlife Australia (BA), Birdlife North Queensland (BLNQ), Mitchell River Watershed Management Group (MRWMG), Northern Gulf Resource Management Group (NGNRM) and a grant from Wettenhall Environment Trust.

Currently, Finches Queensland is developing partnerships with NQNHG, BLNQ, NGRMG, and University of Queensland to undertake wider finch surveys and studies.

The Queensland Gouldian Finch Study is supported by dedicated volunteers who all offer their free time to follow up on this population, and of course landowners and managers.

The birds need your support! 

Our partners for this project:
North Queensland Natural History Group