How you can help 

You can help in several ways (see below). If you have any suggestions on how to help, contact us:

Become a member of Finches Queensland

Finches Queensland membership is AU$ 10.00 per person per year.

Membership gives you the opportunity to attend the yearly General Meeting and a chance to vote on matters that are important for the functioning of the charity.

Finches Queensland is an Australian charity, but you don't have to be Australian, or live in Australia to become a member.

If interested in becoming a member, please fill in the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM , pay the membership fee and email the form to

Make a donation

Your donation will help ensure continued research and conservation efforts in North Queensland.

Direct Deposit - online banking or

Account: Finches Queensland

BSB: 633000      

Account nr: 164167108

A donation of AU$ 150.00 will pay for the transport of 2 volunteers for our Queensland Gouldian Finch Project. We have been working with up to 6 volunteers per visit, but the number of volunteers required to support the projects will increase as we search for more concentrations of finches, refine research questions, or need to develop programs to help in safeguarding the existing population .

Song meters will help us cover more ground in the vast Far North Queensland savannah and will allow us to track down other existing concentrations of Gouldian Finches and other finches in the near future. One sensitive audio recorder costs between AU$ 1,000.00 and AU$ 2,000.00 and we need several of these. 

Motion-activated cameras are another method we can use to monitor strategic locations. They are priced at around AU$ 300.00 and we need at least 10 of these. 

Become a volunteer

We have a really good team of volunteers, but we   are always looking for that extra skilled and dedicated person to add to our team.

Contact us if interested:

Become a partner

Some organisations, businesses or individuals choose to provide financial support on a more continuous basis. 

See link below 

Interested in becoming a partner?

Contact us at