Help in the field: audio & sonograms of finches

The recordings on this page have all been made by volunteers in the field working for the Queensland Gouldian Finch Study. The current recordings are not 'professional standard' recordings as they were extracted from video and recorded with in-camera microphone.  Better recordings will be uploaded as we get more skilled and make upgrades on our recording equipment.  We hope that current audio files will help you identify and find finches in the field. Please, contact Finches Queensland if you'd like to report any records or sightings of our threatened finches. 

Gouldian Finch (Erythrura gouldiae)

Gouldian Finch - male contact call x4.mp3

Gouldian Finch - male contact call x2.mp3

Gouldian Finch - female (male in background).mp3

Gouldian Finch - fledgling and male.mp3

Gouldian Finch - fledglings being fed.mp3